Online books has a close affiliation with Q*Print Australia and together we can help to get your masterpiece published both online and in hard copy, Q*Print has been successfully trading since 1995 and has helped many authors get their works print ready in order to realize their personal dreams of becoming a published writer.

Online books also offers a full range of services such as editing, proof reading, cover design, marketing direction with complete discretion and respect for the individual author’s footprint (style of writing). Submissions will attract a reply within the shortest time span as all printing and associated services are in-house and directly consulted with the submitting writer so as to produce an all-round winning result.

If you wish to publish with ONLINEBOOKS. Please go to SUBMISSIONS page and fill in the form provided. Online books may help you in all aspects of editing, proof reading, design work, bar coding, printing and advice.

Head office: Small Business Guidance Pty Ltd ( P.O.Box. 929 Sanctuary Cove, Queensland Australia 4212 ABN 68122 282 946)

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