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 Destined To Feel
Psychologist Alexandra Blake has been awakened sexually by her lover. Their erotic journey has ..
$19.95 $7.99
Barbarian Prize
After a failed uprising in Brittania, Sirona, a princess of the Iceni, and her lover, Taranis, ..
$24.95 $5.99
Cat Scratch Fever
Creditors breathing down her neck, crazy board members, a make or break benefit that's far..
$24.95 $5.99
Crash Into You
Brynn LeBreck has dedicated herself to helping women in crisis, but things get personal wh..
$14.95 $7.99
Disciples Of The Whip
The Discipline of Pearls is an exclusive society that speaks to the very core of her sexual bei..
$19.95 $7.99
Disciplinarian ..
$19.95 $7.99
Eighty Days Red
Exhilarating, seductive and tantalisingly bold, EIGHTY DAYS is a love story that will leav..
$16.95 $7.99
High School Reunion
Roma's ten year high school reunion is approaching fast and she's not ready. She wants to set h..
$24.95 $5.99
Kama Sutra Amorous Man And Sensuous Woman
Through its discussion on erotic love, the book manages to highlight the social customs an..
$39.95 $19.99
Melt Into You
After running away from home and the boy who broke her heart, Evan Kennedy has kick starte..
$14.95 $7.99
Nexus Confessions Volume 5
This is an encyclopaedic collection of the bizarre, the extreme, the utterly inappropriate, the..
$19.95 $5.99
Nobby's Rainbow Magic (Hardback)
Growing up as a man in a world developing faster than his experiences, Norbert (nicknamed Nobby) ..
$19.95 $14.95
Punishment Farm
A man like Mark Giles wouldn't normally catch the eye of the rich and powerful Clarissa Pe..
Let your indecent imagination run riot! All you need is a pen, a pencil or something else - the..
$12.95 $6.99
Secrets After Dark
Falling in love with Dominic changed me. I relinquished myself completely and placed my heart a..
$16.95 $7.99
Sweet Vibrations
Welcome to swinging London - where the boys are horny, the girls are pretty and the vibrations ..
$14.00 $5.99
The Bride Stripped Bare
An explosive novel of sex, secrecy and escape. A woman finds her voice and leaves behind a book..
$14.95 $7.99
The Carnal Crimes Of Cremorne
Miss Caroline Redfield has never investigated a crime before, Caroline has considerable resourc..
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