The Personal Development Handbook (Hardback/Download)

The Personal Development Handbook (Hardback/Download)
Author Name: Annie Stoker
Bar Code: 9781921630316
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Only about 1% of the population actually DARES to learn about themselves.

The Personal Development Handbook will help you look below your goals, activities, thoughts and emotions to find out what is really driving you. You will move beyond who you thought you were into a whole new way of being happy no matter what happens in your life.

In this book you’ll discover:

How to eliminate depression, anxiety and stress

How to be calm, content and free no matter what life throws at you

What sub-personalities are influencing you without you even knowing about them

The most common mistakes people make that cause unhappiness and how to avoid them

The real purpose of personal development
Why going after your goals will never make you truly happy ongoing The secret building blocks of you

Be warned: the information and skills you will learn in this book can transform your entire life from the inside out.


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