One Bite (Download)

One Bite (Download)
Author Name: Aliamma.K.L
Bar Code: 9781545264218
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A compelling, inspirational and fascinating story of one girl.

Her child hood began traumatically and her journey in to her adulthood was no better. The sheer desperation and appetite for survival forced her to abandon her home and country. She endured loneliness, hardship and emotional trauma along the way. The transgression from the traditional marriage was a rebellious act. However her determination to succeed was paramount and with the fatal bite of a cobra was destined to change her life for the better.


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I have always loved writing books, whether I am writing about myself or about some fantastical story that I have been dreaming of forever. My life experiences from being born in India, migrating to South Australia, going to university plus travelling around the world as a highly experienced nurse, have all allowed me to vividly express my vision in both my writing and my art. ‘One Bite’ is a thrilling autobiography about my life. Since that book I have gone on to write several other stories that delve into the deepest recesses of my imagination, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. 

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