Tommies Special Friends. Download

Tommies Special Friends. Download
Author Name: G Alston
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A fictional yet ‘factual’ story about a young child who from before the beginning of her earthly life knows and hears the spirit world.

Experiencing her physical birth and as a baby in a cradle ‘speaking’ with her grandfather who died and passed to the Light, Tommie is different to many children.

A narrated story of her life from babyhood to teenager with the knowledge imparted upon her by her spirit form granddad, also interaction with an energy healer and a being of light that has no form but a vibration of immense use.


Seen through the eyes of the young, the reader will begin to see how restricted grown-ups can be and how in truth the young can teach the old. How wisdom is born within us if only the restrictions of society did not try to conform and constrict what is natural to those not yet tainted by expectations.


Throughout her journey ‘Tommie’ sees her parents for the actions they create rather than for what they actually do. She learns not from instruction but from intuition yet able to integrate this into the requirements of living with others and the daily needs of life in general.

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