Family Affairs the secret to a happy marriage

Family Affairs the secret to a happy marriage
Author Name: Georgie Smith
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 Family Affairs plays on relationships entwining siblings; their disruptions and situations, resonating high proportions of what personal unions go through, pleasant or unpleasant.

Georgie Smith once more manages to resonate a burst of complications ultimately pointing to an achievable solution within any marriage or union.

After 43 years, a happily married couple come to the edge of disaster. The main character grasping opportunities in a desperate attempt to alter his way of thinking in order to cope with visiting siblings.

Georgie Smith entwines a look at the psychological understanding of disturbing behavioural patterns in a relationship and how to deal with them. 

Can one forgive in-laws interfering to the point where pending murder charges are looming?

In every family there are characters if not characteristics identifiably portrayed within this book.

The question is; what is the secret to a happy marriage?

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Started writing short stories whilst studying psychology and human behaviour patterns. The transition from gossip columns to realistic relationship problems was a simple step. But one that also had to have solutions to help the reader identify with aspects of their own life.

This latest work of situations and complications in what may affect a high proportion of any relationship brings home a different thinking that may be adopted by any individual.

It takes but a single thought to alter one’s attitude and Georgie Smith makes the transition simpler than ever by displaying such situations in the work.

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