Jeremy and The Magic Rinbow; Download

Jeremy and The Magic Rinbow; Download
Author Name: Richard Antony
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There is a wondrous magic about watching a rainbow take shape across the sky. They say that the first rainbow appeared many years ago to celebrate the survival of Noah, his family and the animals that they saved from the floods.

The adventures of Jeremy on such a magic rainbow and his friendship with “Benny the bed” open the way forward for all the adventures yet to come.

This is not a religious book or intended to be a story of learning but for the purpose of this story and the ones to follow, it does depict the legend of Noah and his Arch, although it is the animals that capture our imagination.

The author has created an emotional, heart warming and witty adventure that identifies with the average five to seven year old and allows them to also enter into the world of magic, the granting of wishes and the understanding of friendship.

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Originally a furniture designer Richard Antony produced a wondrous children’s bed. In order to promote sales he also wrote the Jeremy books of a boys adventures though the rainbow, gathering magical powers as he turns into a wizard. The origins of how the Rainbow came about is in the first story to be told. Richard Antony delves into a world that has both engulfed him and given thousands of children a story to enjoy. He now writes full time as his profession.  

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