The Journey of the Littlest atom

The Journey of the Littlest atom
Author Name: M C GROVES
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The Littlest Atom becomes bored with its place in the heavens where everything is the same; that is, apart from the bravest atoms that return after searching the outer universe for adventure. These atoms return with exciting stories to share. Our Littlest Atom’s restlessness eventually causes it to become one of these explorers and it is also sent on a journey of a lifetime...literally.

This is the story of the beginning of life as the littlest atom is flung into a battle for survival on a journey from the furthest regions of the universe. Caught up in the vortex of atomic particles, it finally reaches its destination, to experience the worldly adventures it has so longed for.

This is both an educational and exciting adventure story. It explains the start of life as our Littlest Atom prepares for, and then undergoes, the turbulent experiences ahead.


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Travel with The Littlest Atom on its exciting journey as it blasts its way from the heavens to the earth and hopefully back again.

This cosmic escapade tells the story of a new being as it experiences birth - an adventure that we have all experienced at least once.

This exciting story can also be used as a tool to answer that age old question, ‘Where do babies come from?’ and will give readers a gentler view of reproduction and the universe within. It is written for 9 to 12 years olds but can be enjoyed by children of any age or simply by the young at heart.



Mary ‘s first book ,An Outback Life, has been a best seller in Australia with over 30,000 sold and still selling.

Born in Melbourne in the forties, Mary went with her parents, at 14, to a tiny blink-and -you -miss-it outback town called Mataranka in Australia’s Northern Territory. She eventually met her husband Joe and from an early age, went on to raising her children on various cattle station in the Top End; developing a rather substantial family business enterprise together in the process.

After raising and educating four children on correspondence among the Aborigines, Mary feels she has an abundance of experiences about the outback and tales to share with the young people of today that are not only educational, but are full of adventure and enchantment. This little book, The Journey of the Littlest Atom, is designed to give children a better understanding of the building blocks of life and their own spirituality.

Mary’s comment: ‘ The Journey of the Littlest Atom is something I have been nursing for sometime. I think children are ready for a more realist look at their lives and I feel the time is right to let this little fellow fly.’

Having left the Territory in ‘99, she settled in Queensland’s S.E to develop and operate a successful Stress Retreat in the Springbrook hinterland before retiring to paint and write on her little farm further out west.

Now the proud grandmother of 16, Mary is hoping that this, her first children’s book and second publishing attempt will be just as successful as the first.


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