A Life In Stitches

 A Life In Stitches
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A warm, woolly and funny memoir about how a passion for knitting
has marked the milestones of a woman's life. From creating her
very first sweater, an electric blue disaster that led to an
unlikely bonding between father and daughter, to the yellow
afghan that caused a breakup (and, ultimately a breakthrough) and
discovering that her love of knitting pales next to actual, true
love, Rachael Herron's ability to spin wonderful yarns full of
love, loss and laughter is addictive. Whether she's huddled with
her cat Digit after a shocking close encounter in a treehouse or
reminiscing about ther mother's idyllic New Zealand childhood
while keeping vigil at her bedside, Herron shows that when life
unravels there's a way to knit it back together again, often into
something even better.

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