The Amazing Army

The Amazing Army
Author Name: Louise Elliott
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There is a battle of good against evil going on inside your body, where Captain Imm’une and The Amazing Army fight the Bad Bugs, who can make you sick.

A spy is sent out from the Bad Bugs camp — her name is Sneaky Sweetie, and her tempting foods make The Amazing Army weak!

However, our hero, Major Energy, delivers the power back for The Amazing Army: the super energy of rainbow fruits and vegetables.

Will YOU join the Mission to make The Amazing Army be strong? 


Comes with a free download link to the author’s narration, for hours’ worth of unassisted entertainment.


Part profits from the sale of this book help support the Nutrition Plus Foundation to ‘Build Healthy Futures with Aboriginal Children’.


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Louise Elliott is a mother, author and passionate educator for family fun and healthy empowered choices.

Author of The Superfruit Juice Book and creator of The Amazing Army School Nutrition Show, activity book and eBook, Louise entertains difficult nutrition concepts in a fun and imaginative way for young audiences.

Louise has been a writer and editor for various health publications, has multiple accreditation in the health and fitness arena (BSc (HMS), Master Trainer, Dip. Nutritional Therapy), as well as is a certified group facilitator of personal self- development programs.

Yet Louise accredits her professional pursuits to a vivid imagination and a family upbringing of sound nutrition habits.

Find Louise’s YouTube videos, social media interaction and website store by searching ‘Kids Get Healthy’.

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