Nobby's Rainbow Magic (download)

Nobby's Rainbow Magic (download)
Author Name: John Thomas
Bar Code: 9780980622744
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Growing up as a man in a world developing faster than his experiences, Norbert (nicknamed Nobby) enters a time of pure fantasy. The farce that unfolds introduces a variety of characters, driving a wallflower bookworm of a boy to the heights of a gallant, maiden saving hero. Eager to equal his best friend Ron’s sexual prowess and lose the virgin tag that has shamed him through his mid twenties, Nobby takes a dramatic leap into the unknown, finding a world of medieval mayhem beyond the rainbow. Avoiding homosexual guards, an overenthusiastic captain in a castle under the dictatorship of a German Baron. He wrongly saves a Nymphomaniac maiden locked in a tower for the safety of all heterosexual males. Frees prisoners, starts a revolution and risks his life to save the right lady in order to try and fulfil his sexual desires.

     Where does fantasy end and reality begin?

     This is a chauvinistic sexual adventure fantasy, laced with humour.    

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To John Thomas, fantasy is the ultimate escape and he writes taking in all the imagination conjured up by his surroundings and the people that he encounters. Writer of several short stories and producer of a long list of fictional Characters, Nobby is the one young man most destined to have a long and exciting future through this writer.  


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