Lasting Record A

Lasting Record A
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In his prime, William Kapell was acknowledged to be 'the greatest
pianistic talent since Horowitz'. Yet his return flight from
Australia - where he toured in 1953 - ploughed into a mountain
south of San Francisco and all on board were killed. Kapell's
promising career was brutally cut short at the premature age of
thirty-one. Roy Preston was a humble cosmetics salesman at Myer
with a passion for home recording. Using a Royce recorder to cut
microgroove discs off radio, he recorded William Kapell's last
concert in Geelong, Chopin's Funeral March sonata, which Kapell
performed a week before he died. In A Lasting Record, Stephen
Downes pieces together the unlikely story of how Roy's recordings
were reunited with the Kapell family by way of chance,
coincidence and plain good fortune. A music enthusiast himself,
Stephen Downes writes with a journalist's keen eye for detail and
nose for a good story.

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