Calamity Book 3 (Adult Content)

Calamity Book 3 (Adult Content)
Author Name: Gabriel Simek
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A story set in a world beset on all sides by the tides of ruin and destruction, where death and war are ever and the cries of millions is only drowned out by the howls of battles.  
 Set in the world of Rhaewyn, the god of hate who has many names and many faces but most commonly known as Rag'Mux has fallen from the divine realms and has begun his harvest to corrupt and obliterate the world upon which he stands.  
 In an effort to stave off his numberless and unrelenting armies the peoples of Rhaewyn most notably the brave and resourceful Akarians and the
battle hardened and ferocious Arganites fight not only to protect their kingdoms but to push back the very calamity that is upon the doorsteps of the free world.  
 But now, as these times grow
grim, and measures become even more desperate, the age has come for heroes to emerge and challenge Rag'Mux and the horrors he has spawned.  
 The Annihilator is on the move and it is time to see whether Rhaewyn will drown in a vast tide of blood or emerge victorious from the ashes of war.

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Gabriel Simek has always had a keen sense and deep-rooted passion for drawing and has been doing so for many years! Since before he could write, to his years in high school, throughout university and finally into his adult life, Gabriel’s skill and talent as an artist have constantly been trained and tempered to become the strongest it could possibly be. Now a professional artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and character concept artist Gabriel has now taken his unique set of skills into the fantastic world of comics!

His inspiration comes from works he has seen in DC comics like Superman, Batman and the Justice League to Marvel comics like X-men, Thor, Captain America and the like to Japanese manga such as Berserk, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia and Dragon ball.


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