Transported (Hardback/Download)

Transported (Hardback/Download)
Author Name: Terry Spring
Bar Code: 9780646511795
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TRANSPORTED brings to life the sights, smells and emotions of a century when the poor were so downtrodden, thieving became their normal way of life. Caught, convicted and used as slave labour for their sins, these people became the nineteenth century founders of the white population in Australia. Step back in time to the early 1800's and one of their stories - George Smith was found guilty of stealing a watch in London. A mixture of extensive researched facts and fiction, TRANSPORTED  tells of his death sentence at the Old Bailey, his pardon and years as a pioneer prisoner- the first  white man to survive in the unexplored New South Wales countryside. The story conveys the starkness of George's day-to-day life in London, his imprisonment and voyage to Sydney Town where he met aboriginals, whose land white men increasingly occupied. How he survived in a hostile environment, and prospered in this new setting, becoming a landowner, wealthy beyond his dreams,  is told from his prospective.

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